Helena Youth Soccer Association

Team Check-In


Teams and clubs will not mail books or binders to MYSA ahead of their tournaments. Instead, MYSA will work with clubs prior to the event Roster Freeze Dates through email to confirm and approve Event Rosters.


Teams will then check-in prior to their event during the MYSA designated period(s) below. Teams that check-in on the day of their first game will be required to do so at least 90 minutes before kickoff. The check-in process will go as outlined on the attached Team Check-In Checklist.


Teams will be expected to come prepared with all necessary materials. Each team will be required to present:

·Laminated player passes in alphabetical order

·Medical Release Forms in alphabetical order

·Valid Coach and Manager Passes for those that will be on Team sideline. During games, passes must be worn around the neck. Teams should come to the fields with lanyards or string to comply.


After check-in, MYSA will hold each team’s set of player passes for the weekend. MYSA will ensure the passes get to each game along with the gamecard. Teams can pick-up player passes from MYSA after their last game of the tournament.


Check-In Dates, Times and Locations for each event will be as follows:

Montana Youth Soccer Showcase

June 15th – 6-8pm

Soccer Dome


June 16th – 90 minutes prior to first game

Soccer Dome

Thank you