Helena Youth Soccer Association


2018 Spring is closed

Questions please contact Phil McGovern at; info@helenasoccer.org

For players that have attended Spring 2017 Tryouts, or are currently on a team that competed in the Fall 2017, or have registered for Premier Placement, or Select Placement. Any player not meeting the aforementioned criteria and is  interested in joining an Arsenal team needs to contact our Executive Director Phil McGovern at info@helenasoccer.org

12s 2006 birth year      

13s - 15s 2005 - 2003  (Includes players with 2003 birth year that are 8th graders)      

16s- 19s  Premier  2003 - 1999 Players who have been placed on Premier Teams or paid the $50 placement fee.     

16s - 19s Select   2003 - 1999 Players who have not been placed on a Premeir team, who paid the $75 placement fee.