Helena Youth Soccer Association

Referees Needed!

The Montana Referee Association is seeking referees for the coming and future seasons!

Helena needs more than 125 referees to handle all the Arsenal, Academy, recreational, high school, and adult games in the area. We usually need to replace about 40 referees each year. Referees are paid anywhere from $10 to $45 per game. All that is required is the ability to run some and a desire to learn. No other experience is needed. New referees receive training from nationally certified instructors and are never required to work games they don’t feel ready to do. We need parents, siblings and friends from all levels of play in Helena. It takes a few years as a referee to be comfortable doing some of the more competitive matches so we encourage parents of grade school age players to get involved now.

There are classes scheduled for both returning referees who want to re-certify for 2013 and entry level classes for referees who want to officiate recreational youth games (known as a grade 9 recreational referee) and those who want to be able to officiate competitive games (referee grade 8). There will be 2 opportunities to become a grade 8 referee (March 18,19, 21 & 24 and March 23,24) and one opportunity to become a grade 9 referee (April 8,9,10.) The full referee class is 9 hours in class, 2-3 hours of on field training plus online work on your own prior to attending class. There is a cost of $25 plus the $40 USSF registration fee. The grade 9 class is 8 hours in class, 2 hours of on-field work plus online work on your own prior to attending class. Cost is $25 plus the $40 USSF registration fee. Go to montanaref.org to register for class. Bring payment ($65 check payable to HARSA) with you to class.

Existing referees (recreational and full referees) must attend a re-certification class each year. There will be two more opportunities for full referees and one opportunity for recreational (grade 9) referees to re-certify. The next session is March 20. The last chance session will be April 4th. Recreational referees (grade 9) will re-certify on April 8,9,10 along with the new recreational referee class 6. All re-certifying referees must go online to www.ussoccer.info to register and pay their USSF fees. The $15 clinic fee will be collected at the classroom.
For more information go to www.montanaref.org or contact Scott Lockwood at soccerreferee@bresnan.net or 439-7957.