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Placement for Premier Level - High School aged players

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Exciting new opportunity for a “next level” competitive soccer playing opportunity for 2003-1999 birth year players.  If you are selected for one of the teams, your registration fee will be credited to your program registration fees.  If you are not selected, your registration fee may be applied to registration fees for HYSA’s competitive select teams next spring.


Offering a New Level of High School Level Competition
1999-2003 Birth Year Players

Application Deadline of June 9

HYSA is getting ahead of the curve for the Spring 2018 competitive soccer season.  

Given the substantial success of our teams in MYSA’s competitive league and regional tournaments this year, we are planning on fielding a limited number (no more than 4 total, up to 2 in each gender) of premiere level high-school aged teams in addition to our existing competitive select level teams.  

The HYSA Board has generously committed to paying the MYSA premiere league fee of $1,000 for up to 4 teams and will not be allocating the cost of this fee to the players who make these teams.

MYSA’s premiere schedule is reserved for those players interested in and capable of competing at the highest level of play available in Montana and who are willing to commit themselves to go on and compete in the Region IV championships if we win our premiere division in Montana.  We are also planning on increasing the exposure of players on these teams to higher levels of competition through regional tournament play, providing enhanced coaching by the most qualified and successful HYSA coaches and creating expanded opportunities for interaction with college coaches in the recruiting process.  

If your player is looking for that “next step” in competitive soccer, this is it.  We will be finalizing the number of teams in both men's and women’s divisions based on the number of qualified applicants.  

Minimum prerequisites for consideration in placement:
1.    Application and payment of a $50 registration fee on or before the deadline of June 9, 2017 at 5:00 pm.  The application may be completed online and can be found on the front page of www.helenasoccer.org.
2.    Commitment to participate in 2-4 pre-season team formation practices (dates to be set later and we will work around players’ schedules in setting these practices).
3.    Identification of any conflicts in your schedule for next April-June with a corresponding firm commitment for players to participate in matches on all weekends not identified on the binding conflict schedule.

Don’t miss this exciting new opportunity for a “next level” competitive soccer playing opportunity.  If you are selected for one of the teams, your registration fee will be credited to your team fees.  If you are not selected, your registration fee may be applied to team fees for HYSA’s competitive select teams next spring, or refunded at your option. 

The first series of notifications of placement on HYSA’s premiere teams will begin no later than July 15, 2017.

To ensure your opportunity for placement, be sure to apply by the deadline coming up on June 9!