Helena Youth Soccer Association

Keeper Spring Training 2017

Goalkeeper training will be available for all HYSA Arsenal, Academy and Recreational players interested in specialized, weekly goal keeper coaching.

Trainings will be Tuesdays and Fridays;

Trainings for GKs will start next week with first training Tuesday April 18th at 615pm on Field 5 look for Coach Straub. and Friday April 21st at 6pm Field 6 look for Coach Josh Noem.

Keepers can attend either day or both days.

Goalkeeper gloves
Shin guards

Long-sleeved shirt or goalkeeper jersey


Goalkeeper Curriculum

Becoming a high-level goalkeeper is a long, arduous journey but is extremely rewarding. The HYSA goalkeeper curriculum involves numerous aspects of the position and is geared toward developing complete goalkeepers. HYSA goalkeepers will learn and develop in the following ways:


  • Strength and conditioning
  • Injury prevention
  • Flexibility and agility
  • Speed and quickness


  • Leading from the back
  • Facing adversity
  • The 4 Cs: Communication (with teammates), Composure (under pressure), Confidence (in self, team, and coach), Courage (to be aggressive)


  • Footwork with and without the ball
  • Kicking/punting/drop-kicking
  • Throwing/rolling
  • Shot stopping techniques
  • Diving
  • High balls/Corner kicks
  • Breakaways/Through balls
  • Proper positioning and body alignment
  • Cutting down/off angles


  • Distribution: When to throw, roll, or punt
  • Impacting the game tempo
  • Defending set pieces/controlling defenders
  • Adjusting to differing formations