Helena Youth Soccer Association

Our Club Policies

Our Club Policies

Siebel Soccer Complex Policies

All use of the Siebel Soccer Complex must be approved by HYSA.

For child safety purposes, weapons of any kind (including firearms) are not permitted inside the fence line.

For child safety and sanitation purposes, pets of any kind (including dogs) are not permitted inside the fence line.

Off-field verbal and physical abuse by players, coaches, family members, fans, officials, and club representatives will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Such abuse will result in:

1) a warning followed by

2) removal from the grounds and may result in an additional suspension from club activities.

Financial Aid Policy

Financial Aid Policy

Tryout Policy

Tryout Policy


No formal policy at this time.  See informational letter to parents below:

Letter to Upper Age Parents

Play up Policy

Play up Policy

Discipline Policy

On-field physical and verbal abuse will be dealt with by the officiating crew.

Severe abuse by HYSA players and coaches may result in additional suspensions from club activities.

Red cards issued to HYSA players and coaches will be dealt with by the HYSA Discipline Committee on a case-by-case basis.

Unsportsmanlike conduct red cards will most likely result in additional suspensions from official play.

Risk Management Policy

1. The HYSA Executive Director shall conduct background checks of employees, coaches, and other volunteers who have regular unsupervised contact with players. The HYSA Executive Director shall also be...

Concussion Policy

In 2017, the Montana Legislature passed HB487, which is effective October 1, 2017. The purpose of the legislation is to prevent permanent injury and death related to concussion to youth athletes in...

Uniform Policy

All HYSA Arsenal players may only wear only the approved uniform provided by Puma and Play On Soccer. Apparel representing any other brand or athletic store may not be worn at any time while officially representing HYSA Arsenal. Players wearing unapproved apparel will not be permitted to play in official games as an HYSA Arsenal player.

All HYSA Arsenal coaches are required to wear the apparel provided by Puma and Play On Soccer for all games and events when acting as an HYSA Arsenal representative.

Playing Time and Roster Limits Policy

Discussion of any play time concerns should be addressed with the Head Coach and if further discussion is needed with the Executive Director.

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Playing Time

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