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Jake bested his own record getting into the 400s he completed the achievement in 

3 minutes and 30 seconds..April 10, 2018


Juggling is an important part of young soccer players’ development.

Not all good jugglers are good soccer players, but all good soccer players are good jugglers.

Why practice juggling? Because juggling:

  • helps young players develop a touch and feel for the soccer ball
  • allows young players to set and achieve goals (personal juggling records) and promotes good work habits and determination to reach those goals
  • helps young players develop balance, coordination, concentration, and quick reactions
  • is an activity that young players can practice almost anywhere on their own (in their backyard, at a park, while watching a sibling's soccer game, etc.)

Juggling Cards

Our HYSA Juggling Cards are designed to help encourage young soccer players to focus on this important technical & developmental soccer skill.

Our Juggling Cards have levels of 20, 35, 50, 75, 100, and 150.

Every level the player reaches, we will punch their card.

Players can attach their card to their bag and wear with pride!

For attaining levels starting at 50 and for every 50 increments, there will be prizes and gift certificates awarded.

Bonus prizes can be earned by players who can juggle ball at 5 foot height or higher, that’s the “Next Level” Club !

So, Get Started Today !

In order for our players to earn their card and be enrolled in this program, they must juggle at least 20 consecutive times and it must be confirmed by the HYSA Executive Director.

Players, start juggling !!!

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