Helena Youth Soccer Association


Class of 2014
Emily Spindler - Carroll College
Isaac Bostrom - Carroll College
Riley Smith - College of Idaho
Atticus Proctor - Middlebury College

Class of 2013
Colby Smith - Rocky Mountain College
Jesse Bostrom - North Idaho College

Class of 2012
Dylan Allen - North Idaho College (Carroll College)

Class of 2011
Killian Gilreath - University of Great Falls

Class of 2010
Grady Bryson - Pacific University (MSU-Billings)
Stewart Miller - University of Puget Sound
Devin Palmer - Macalester College
Derrick Chaney - Corban University
Dustin Bingham - North Idaho College
Matt Deaton - Jamestown College

Class of 2009
Haley Klarich - MSU-Billings
Garrett Mitchell - Dominican University


To add to our alumni list, please email contributions to info@helenasoccer.org.