HYSA Micro Soccer




 Boys and Girls ages 3-5 years old

Micro Soccer is a program from HYSA for pre-school aged children in which kids and parents enroll in a six-week session and play non-competitive soccer games such as Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, Duck-Duck-Goose, etc. on Sunday afternoons around the same times that HYSA Recreational League games are being played. The intent is to further develop important motor skills using games and a soccer ball as a tool in a fun, non-competitive environment. Micro will become the new introductory soccer program for children in Helena and lead them into HYSA’s other programs: Recreational League and Arsenal Competitive Travel Teams.

For more information on other HYSA programs, please click here.

Micro Soccer;

5 sessions of 30 - 40 minute play

Sundays September 11 - October 9  

Registration ends August 26 Registration Fee: $50.00

No refunds after September 1 

If you have any questions, please contact:
Jennifer Colegrove
Recreational Director
(406) 431-3270

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