Club Policies

Siebel Soccer Complex Policies

  • All use of the Siebel Soccer Complex must be approved by HYSA.
  • For child safety purposes, weapons of any kind (including firearms) are not permitted inside the fence line.
  • For child safety and sanitation purposes, pets of any kind (including dogs) are not permitted inside the fence line.
  • Off-field verbal and physical abuse by players, coaches, family members, fans, officials, and club representatives will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Such abuse will result in 1) a warning followed by 2) removal from the grounds and may result in an additional suspension from club activities.

Play-Up/Play Down Policy

  • HYSA requires all players to play with their appropriate age group and only allows play-ups in special circumstances.
  • Play-ups are not allowed in the Recreational program.
  • Parents must request a play-up/down in advance of tryouts. This can be done by filling out the HYSA Play-Up/Down Request form and emailing it to the HYSA Coaching Comittee chair.
  • The following are circumstances that may allow for a play-up in competitive soccer:
    • Skill appropriate: A player may request a play-up if they are possess extraordinary skill and will not be challenged to develop within their own age group.
    • Team Formation: A player may be invited to play-up for purposes of team formation.
  • Every play-up request is considered by the HYSA coaching committee on a case-by-case basis.
  • All play-ups are one season actions and does not guarantee a play-up in a similar situation the following season.
  • A player may request a play-down if they are in an age group older than their grade. HYSA may also place a player in a play-down for purposes of team formation.

Uniform Policy

  • All HYSA Arsenal players may only wear only the approved uniform provided by Puma and Play On Soccer. Apparel representing any other brand or athletic store may not be worn at any time while officially representing HYSA Arsenal. Players wearing unapproved apparel will not be permitted to play in official games as an HYSA Arsenal player.
  • All HYSA Arsenal coaches are required to wear the apparel provided by Puma and Play On Soccer for all games and events when acting as an HYSA Arsenal representative.

Discipline Policy

  • On-field physical and verbal abuse will be dealt with by the officiating crew. Severe abuse by HYSA players and coaches may result in additional suspensions from club activities.
  • Red cards issued to HYSA players and coaches will be dealt with by the HYSA Discipline Committee on a case-by-case basis.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct red cards will most likely result in additional suspensions from official play.


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